Fall CElebration – Frequently Asked Questions

As a LIFE Vision Extravaganza/Fall CElebration attendee, you can expect that the Life University will be in compliance with the most current guidance from the State and Public Health Department. This will include physical distancing recommendations. Face coverings will not be required; however, those who wish to wear one may do so.

2021 will be a live, in-person seminar held on Life University’s Campus. No online courses will be offered for this event.

Yes. The state boards will only give you credit for attending a class for at least 50 minutes. If you came in late, you will need to make up that time in another class. Please do not wait until after the event is over to take care of this. Please be aware of the exact time you were in a class to avoid any discrepancies with your certificate.

Please be assured it is our goal as Hosts for you receive all the CE credit you can earn. If you have any doubt that the scanner did not read your name badge, simply ask the Host to scan again (we can interpret a little “blip” of a second or two). Otherwise, if you wait until later, you will need to verify your attendance by having the Host at the door sign a note verifying your attendance in that class. Obviously, if it is much later, the Host for that session may not be immediately available to verify your attendance – and, then, they might not remember later. If you want to be sure you get credit, it’s best to scan in when the class starts and scan out when it ends.

In the unlikely event the Host was absent at the door and you were unable to locate them, you must obtain a letter from the speaker or another DC with verified attendance in that same class to write a letter* verifying that you were in the class at that time. Once you’ve obtained this letter, please hand it to a member in the Postgraduate Department under the tent in the Registration Area.

*Please note: The Postgraduate Department cannot give you credit for a class based on your word; the state boards require some form of documentation as proof of attendance.

No, but be cautious of the amount of time that has elapsed when you take this break.

Speakers are contracted to teach 50 minutes of the hour. If they fail to do so and let the class out early, please let the Postgraduate Department know, and we will give you the credit. Credit will not be awarded to anyone who leaves class early at their own discretion and not the discretion of their instructors.

No. Fortunately, your classes are registered to your name badge when you scan in and out of the class. The scans are quite reliable. You can even discard the name badge when you are done with the event. A certificate will be mailed to you based on your attendance scans.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check the hours you have accumulated until after the event when the scans are downloaded.

Go to the Postgraduate table beside the Registration Area under the tent to receive a replacement. There will be a $25 charge for replacement badges.

GEORGIA requirements: 4 Risk Management, 1 GA Law, 15 Clinical (every year).

FLORIDA requirements: 1 Risk Management, 2 Ethics, 2 Medical Errors, 2 FL Law,

6 Documentation, 27 General (every two years).

For questions about and assistance with specific courses or state approvals, please go to the Postgrad table beside the Registration Area under the tent.

Most state boards require you to attend class for 50 minutes to receive one credit hour, but there are states that require a full 60 minutes. Check with your state board to be sure.

You should receive your certificate before November 1. If you have not received your certificate by December 1, please contact the Postgraduate Department at 770-426-2753 to receive a copy.